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where is ostriches main markets?us, europe or asia??

the main market of ostrich leather is europian countries like italy and france,china and us.becuse they have big market and wealthy nation.and iran is second ostrich producer after south africa.

there are a lot kind of ostrich producers and suppliers.they offer prices and qualites due tocustomers demands.ostrich is so beautiful and luxurios.

you can search and find best ostrich prices and qualities.




ostrich leather pictures
ostrich leather

one of big ostrich producers is alba leather.alba leather always known by quality and fair prices.when you have kind of varity you can give right of choosing to your customer.they can choose raw materials like hides,crust,finished leather and final products like shoes,wallet,bag ,and even egg.

natural ostrich leather

buyers should pay attention to market some countries like us poeple need quality products.if buyers can find good and realible sourses of ostrich leather,they can make main market share.ostrich leather has three grade.grade 1,greade2 and grade3.buyers   should find best grade due to their needs.for example if they want make wallet,its better to choose grade one.

in tannery you can find your leather by your needs.we can help you to find that.

ostrich leather have 5 years guranty.

leather import widely from all around a accesoris made from leather.

the apperance is important for leather,and the most beautiful leathers are snake,lizard and ostrich



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