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what makes the ostrich so attractive?

The first element that distinguishes the ostrich from the other leathers is that its skin is very different from the normal skin of veal or pork.This is a substantial difference not only from a qualitative point of view, but also aesthetically: the ostrich skin is rich in many dark follicles, the last traces of those that were once the feathers of the animal.
This leather is often equated with crocodile skin but it is good to know that the ostrich skin is more waterproof and even more resistant than that of crocodile.

Another crucial aspect is that the ostrich is more prone to dyeing; In this way the colors reach about 100 different shades. All this is really good, but the prices of the articles made of ostrich leather can be outside the ordinary reach of consumers. In fact, a bag in the ostrich can get to cost several hundred or even thousands of euros.
On the world market ostrich skin is very expensive and yet its products are highly demanded. The articles in ostrich leather (in particular the bags in ostrich), together with the products in crocodile leather and snake, have taken first place in the world list of luxury goods

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