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difference between real leather and faux leather

Bags, belts, shoes, wallets and other accessories: genuine leather items are increasingly in demand thanks to the quality and versatility of this material to which it is possible to apply different types of processing to obtain surprising results. But how to recognize an article in real leather and distinguish it from others made of synthetic materials that appear similar to leather? What is the difference between real leather and faux leather?

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  • As with any other product, the first thing to do to accept the materials that make it up is to read the labels. Genuine leather products usually have the following wordings:
  • Real leather
  • Real leather
  • Made with animal products.


  • Another way to find difference between real leather and faux leather is examine the inner side of the skin. The leather accessories have two sides, the external side and the inner side and it is the latter that can help us to understand if an article is in real leather. Most articles made of synthetic materials are limited to reproducing the external side but not the internal one, for which retinal fabrics are used. If on the inner side there were filaments similar to gauze then it is a faux leather article in imitation leather.Genuine leather leaves no protruding threads or filaments.
  • In search of imperfections:genuine leather items are all different from each other precisely because they are made with real animal skin. Identifying imperfections, wrinkles or ripples is a sign of good product quality. On the contrary, the imitation leather products that are made with the aid of machinery have symmetrical and similar veins.
    The same goes for the color : an article made of real leather can hardly have a 100% homogeneous coloring but on the contrary will present small differences.

The smell: it may seem strange or even embarrassing but smelling the product can help us understand if an article is made of real leather. The skin has a very distinct odor while the items made of synthetic materials often smell of plastic.

  • The test of fire: we do not recommend doing this experiment at home but, for the record, it is good to say that if we approach a leather lighter for a few seconds, it will turn black and give off a smell of burnt hair, a object made of synthetic materials but most likely will catch fire exhaling smell of burnt plastic.
  • The cost: last but not least is the value for money . An article made of genuine leather can never have the price of an imitation leather item. For obvious reasons, genuine leather items are more expensive: first of all, there is the processing necessary to make the leather a finished product that requires hours and hours of work and skilled labor . Unlike articles in imitation leather that are printed in series by industrial machinery, the articles in real leather are handmade by skilled workers.





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