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what is sheep skin?

Hairy lambskin or sheepskin and the products made from it are sold as a commodity. For about 10,000 years, domestic sheep ARE kept for sheep’s milk,meat and skins , making them probably the oldest farm animals. The use of sheep’s wool began about 3,000 years ago. With millions of skins a year, they are the major domesticated fur suppliers

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Sheep skins are removed from the carcasses after slaughter. They are treated in a process called tanning and made into soft leather. Sheep skin is commonly used for making the chamois cloth that you wash your car with. A small number of skins are preserved as sold as sheepskins, with the wool still attached.

The skins from hair sheep produce the highest quality leather. This is because the numerous fine wool fibers, as compared to the lesser number of coarse fibers of the hair sheep, cause the skin to be more open and loose in texture.

The sheepskin was always above all the warming clothing for the simple layers of the population. Already in the early Middle Ages, despite or perhaps even because of the great durability of the hair

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