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what is ostrich leather?

Ostrich leather, as its name clearly indicates, is derived from the skin of feathered ostriches. It is obtained by the work of tanning. This unique skin stands out from the others by its distinctive appearance that does not resemble the grain of other types of leather. It is a rare and fragile material, which requires a complex knowledge-how to be tanned properly. All this makes you understand why it is so rare and expensive.

how to care ostrich leather?

t has a great resistance to drought but it is necessary to take care of it as much and not to be careless. If you take good care of your leather you are assured to keep your leather for a long time. Follow the tips on what to avoid doing at all costs as well as tips to clean it properly. This type of skin needs to be cleaned properly, to be put in the shelter of dust and direct light, to be dusted if needed. So before cleaning it remove the dust with a clean cloth and rub already gently.

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