what is sheep skin?

Hairy lambskin or sheepskin and the products made from it are sold as a commodity. For about 10,000 years, domestic sheep ARE kept for sheep’s milk,meat and skins , making them probably the oldest farm animals. The use of sheep’s wool began about 3,000 years ago. With millions of skins …

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The Ostrich bag is considered a luxury item, very durable, and truly prestigious. Its skin is very soft and can take on different shades of colors, some of which are also very strong. The products made of ostrich leather are not always easy to find in the leather goods market. This is because the …

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know more about ostrich leather!!

Ostrich leather is among the most precious and expensive types of leather used in the luxury leather industry. Only crocodile and alligator leather cost more. It is easily recognizable by distributed follicles on its surface. It is deservedly considered one of the most resistant, soft and flexible leathers, and for …

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what is ostrich leather?

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Ostrich leather, as its name clearly indicates, is derived from the skin of feathered ostriches. It is obtained by the work of tanning. This unique skin stands out from the others by its distinctive appearance that does not resemble the grain of other types of leather. It is a rare …

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