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An ostrich is said to be an animal that can not be discarded. It is the most immunologically active animal, and it is very popular as a well-being food in Europe because it is rich in meat and essential amino acids. Also, ostrich eggs can be used as crafts. The hair is also used for decorative purposes, and the claws are very strong, so they can be processed like jewelry and made of necklaces and accessories. Breeding is also very quiet, ostrich has no vocal cords, almost no odor. Not only that. Ostrich leather is also the highest grade in leather. Classified as fine leather are crocodiles, sharks, snakes, and ostrich leather. Among them, ostrich leather is not supplied smoothly and is classified as one of the finest leather. Next to elephant leather is the toughest leather (5 to 7 times that of cowhide) that is virtually usable for quality equipment. Often, ostrich leather products are made from leather in South Africa, but the highest grade of ostrich leather is hard to find.



ostrich leather bags:

The bag is a convenient tool to carry things around. This practicality-based bag began to be used as among a woman from 1930 when .first with pig leather

But even if the design is superb and expensive, it is not easy to be a ‘light groom’.

What about bags and accessories made from ostriches from this perspective? Leather is not all the same leather.


There is also a grade that is definitely  ostrich leather.

Ostrich leather, also known as ‘leather rolls’, is currently not available and is now classified as high quality leather.

Ostrich leather is the second most succulent animal skin in the world. Cow leather is about 5 to 7 times chewy. Therefore, the toughest leather you can use is ostrich leather.

The most important thing in choosing a leather grade is the nutritional status of the leather.




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