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kind of leather that you must know

there are diffrent kind of leather you must know in your leather bussiness.some of this leathers are famous.but many of them are unknown.

we introduce you all kind off leather that you probably didnt hear about them.

Camel leather

Most camel skins come from Asia and Africa. The hides are scarce because camels are a very valuable animal to the local inhabitants and skins are only taken if the animal dies. Camel leather has a hard finish that resists scuffing and the leather has a faint vein effect running through its surface. Camel skins are often sueded to give a softer finish.

Crocodile leather

Crocodiles currently are not being farmed on a large scale like alligators and therefore are less available and more expensive. However, crocodile skins are virtually identical to alligator. Unless you are a bootmaker or hide expert, you will likely miss the tiny pinhole in the center of each scale, which is the only way to tell crocodile from alligator skin.

crocodile leather


Deerskin, like elkskin, is very soft and supple. Wearing a pair of these boots is almost like slipping your foot into a soft glove. However, both deerskin and elkskin are not too popular with bootmakers because besides stretching and water spotting they scratch, scuff and tear very easily. Renton Western Wear recommends consumers not purchase deerskin boots but consider horsehide as a better alternative.

Eel leather

Most eel comes from Korea and the Philippines. The skin is thin and fragile and subject to peeling. Therefore, eel skin should only be used for dress boots that are not subject to abrasion. Eel is available in a wide variety of colors. Making a boot requires several strips of the narrow skins to complete the vamp resulting in a very beautiful and distinctive look.


African elephant is available again after many years. (The United Nations permitted several African Nations to thin the herds in their national parks to preserve the health of this protective species. The hides were auctioned with United Nations control and all monetary proceeds returned to protect and aid the elephant habitat. The United Nations continues to prohibit the sale of elephant ivory to ensure that illegal poaching of elephant is banned and enforceable.) Elephant skin has a crackled, dullish, hard finish and is one of the most durable and scuff resistant skins. Elephant skin boots are much more comfortable and breathable than sharkskin boots although having superior scuff resistance.

Horse & Mule

Most skins come from North America and France. These skins can be used for rugged work boot because of their scuff and scratch resistance. Horsehide boots, many times called Ranchhand leathers, can also be used for very comfortable dress boots. Horsehide is much more elastic than cowhide and fits the foot like a soft glove similar to deerskin or elkskin but the toughness of horsehide gives it long life without the disadvantages associated with deer or elk. Horsehide jackets and chaps are the preferred leather of motorcycle riders to protect against accidental road rash and baseballs were covered with horsehide for years before the major leagues switched to the less durable but lower cost cowhide.





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