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How the hides are dried

all leather including ostrich leather has drying process.this process is very important.

hide drying process completes the previous step of winding , in fact the leather must be further dried and reach a humidity that varies from 6 to 10% and it is possible to do it mainly through three methods

Vacuum drying:

The skins are introduced one at a time in an ingenious machine equipped with large heated stainless steel plates. The drying takes place through the dual effect of heating and decompression to which the hides are subjected under this machinery, in fact its purpose is to evaporate the water residues still contained in the leather fibers.

Drying by nailing:

Nailing consists in spreading the skins on a frame and can be carried out manually or semi-automatically depending on the machinery the tannery has. In both cases, the skins are nailed with special pliers along a frame, which will then be transported to the dryer for drying


Chain drying:

The skins are generally placed in vast drapes usually placed under the roof of the building, this department must be well ventilated to allow the excess humidity present both on the surface of the skin and inside the leather to evaporate in a completely natural way. This technique, as you can guess, has been almost completely eliminated due to the little control that can be had on the environment and on the air that circulates inside it and has been replaced by dryers with temperatures controlled by a radiator.

Dried skins are semirigid and crumpled , but the drying process, in addition to firmly fixing all the substances they have been treated with, will generate an improvement in their characteristics and quality.

the drying process is significant step to of producing leather.if you do drying well your final product has good qualiy.we do taning well so our ostrich product has amazing quality.

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