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kind of leather that you must know

exotic leather

there are diffrent kind of leather you must know in your leather bussiness.some of this leathers are famous.but many of them are unknown. we introduce you all kind off leather that you probably didnt hear about them. Camel leather Most camel skins come from Asia and Africa. The hides are …

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all kind of leather

do you know all kind of leather types?do you know its important to know type of leather?its important because if you know kinds of leather and there usage you can take big share in leather market Alligator leather Alligator has a hard and shiny finish and is most suitable for …

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How the hides are dried

all leather including ostrich leather has drying process.this process is very important. hide drying process completes the previous step of winding , in fact the leather must be further dried and reach a humidity that varies from 6 to 10% and it is possible to do it mainly through three …

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difference between real leather and faux leather

real ostrich leather

Bags, belts, shoes, wallets and other accessories: genuine leather items are increasingly in demand thanks to the quality and versatility of this material to which it is possible to apply different types of processing to obtain surprising results. But how to recognize an article in real leather and distinguish it from others made …

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ostrich benefits:meat,egg,feather,leather

An ostrich is said to be an animal that can not be discarded. It is the most immunologically active animal, and it is very popular as a well-being food in Europe because it is rich in meat and essential amino acids. Also, ostrich eggs can be used as crafts. The …

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