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do you know ostrich leather price?

do you know ostrich leather price?ostrich leather is super luxurios product and it buy and sell with diffrent prices in do you find ostrich leather best prices?is that matter for you.many leather industries seek to find ostriches but they cant find ostrich leather with suitable prices.we can provide with super profitable price.only 8.5 per squer feet.

the demand of ostrich leather is increasing.becuse of high quality and and nice view.there are a lot of ostrich farms in iran and iranians produce high quality ostrich leather.


The skin is one of the most valuable products of the ostrich. Because it is soft, resistant and therefore also durable and hard-wearing. Ostrich leather is mainly used for shoes, gloves, bags, purses, belts and garments. The characteristic features of ostrich leather  offer excellent design possibilities. The alba leather has its ostrich hides processed and dyed in a partner tannery. And only on pre-order and after exact agreement of your wishes. So you get unique and regionally produced unique!

who much ostrich leather cost?

ostrich leather has diffrent prices in all around a world.for example ostrich leather price in us is 500 dollars per china ostrich skin is 270 europe its cost 300 dollars.but you get amazed if ask prices from us.our price is 125 per skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is fake ostrich leather?

some manufacturers produce ostrich leather with PU leather.this is artifical you know fake ostrich leather price?its about 2 or 3 per squer feet.i dont offer you to buy fake ostrich leather becuse its low quality buy with suitable price

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