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do you know all kind of leather types?do you know its important to know type of leather?its important because if you 
know kinds of leather and there usage you can take big share in leather market

Alligator leather

Alligator has a hard and shiny finish and is most suitable for an upscale dress boot. Soft flexible membranes separate the hardened scales or tiles. Most skins are from farm raised animals in the southern United States. Alligator is available in many colors and almost never loses its sheen. If given some tender loving care an alligator boot should last a lifetime. Boots made from alligator tail or alligator head give addition fashion variations to this classic leather.


Most anteater skins originate in Asia and Africa. Anteater is very durable and comes in many colors. The scales or tiles are diamond shaped and is sometimes mistaken for alligator. However, the skin is more.


Apache, Distressed or Crazyhorse is cowhide that has been impregnated (stuffed) with oils and waxes that give it ‘pull-up’ color changes to make it look 100 years old when brand new. The advantage of the oil and wax impregnation is to provide more water resistance in rainy and wet climates and easy removal of scuffmarks. Apache leathers can be used to make casual dress boots or durable work boots. The pull-up antique look of apache leathers is most visible and pleasing on the brown tone colors.


Although Buffalo Bill got his name hunting American Buffalo, the proper name for our native species is Bison. The newly available American Plains Buffalo leather, which is actually American Bison, is extremely soft, yet incredibly durable.


Most water-buffalo skins come from Africa. Buffalo is a very popular boot leather, tough but soft and supple. Buffalo leather has good tensile strength and provides long wear. It is resistant to scuffing, peeling and scratching but soft enough for great comfort. It is often sueded or embossed with a heavy leather grain to add surface interest. Buffalo leathers are good choice for every day casual or work wear.


Bullhide is also known as cowhide shoulder leather, although sometimes shrunk during the tanning process to enhance the heavy wrinkles and creases. Bullhide is normally thicker than dress leathers and exotics thereby protecting the foot inside the boot from thorns and other possible penetrating dangers. Bullhide will take a good shine and its textured surface hides scuffs and scratches.


Calfskin is the hide from a young cow that is known for its soft comfort. Although calfskin is finer than the hides of older animals, it has good durability and abrasion resistance because the fiber structure of calfskin is denser, tighter and stronger than that of cowhide. Because it is so soft, calfskin can scratch and scuff but proper polishing will fill in the scratches well. Calfskin is a very good boot leather that is available in many colors and finishes and can be finished to a high gloss. It is usually used in dress or casual styles of boots. Because most Americans eat beef, not veal, the best calfskins come from Europe. In addition, European cattle do not wear brands because they are not able to roam the range so their skins are unmarred and smooth.

all kind of leather
all type of leather
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